2020 Organically Grown Vegetable Transplants

Below is the list of organically grow transplants we currently have available.  (updated 5/7/20)


Tomatoes (Paste) San Marzano
  Amish Paste
 Tomatoes (Hybrid Slicer) Red Duce (Sold Out)
  Mountain Fresh Plus (Sold Out)
 Tomatoes (Heirloom) Striped German (Sold Out)
  Cherokee Purple (Sold Out)
  Green Giant
  Granny Cantrell (Sold Out)
  Box Car Willy (Sold Out)
  Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry (Sold Out)
  Cherry Bomb (Sold Out)
  Solar Flare (Sold Out)
  Dad's Sunset
  Sun Ray
  Mountain Gold
Tomatoes (Gold Cherry) Sungold (Sold Out)
Eggplant Nadia (Sold Out)
  Orient Express (Sold Out)
Pepper (bell) Ace
Pepper (snack)  Lunchbox (Sold Out)
Broccoli Emerald Pride (Sold Out)
  Green Magic (Sold Out)
Kale Lacinato (Sold Out)
  Siberian/Curly (Sold Out)
Lettuce Salanova Mixed (Sold Out)
Bok Choy Choy Choy (Sold Out)