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Posted 2/1/2018 3:55pm by Oyler's Organic Farms.

Our 2018 classes and events are now open for registration!  Sign up by February 14 and receive 15% off your next purchase at our farm market!

Posted 6/12/2017 11:55am by Oyler's Organic Farms.

Our next Breakfast on the Farm is this Saturday, June 17.  Reservation are required.  Breakfast is served at 9:30am and 10:30am.  A great gift for dad for Father's Day!  French toast, scrambled egg, blueberry bread, and bacon will be on the menu.  

Posted 2/11/2017 10:45am by Oyler's Organic Farms.

We love our customers!  Sign up for one of our classes, Summer Harvest Dinner, or Breakfast on the Farm by February 14th and receive a 15% off coupon for your next purchase at our farm market.  Coupon must be used by February 28.  

Posted 12/5/2016 3:47pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

December 13, 14, 2016 Growing Pennsylvania Organic Farms -Focus on Growing Organic Fruit   One of the primary themes of the conference is growing organic fruit.  The PA and the Mid-Atlantic region is an ideal area to grow organic fruit due to a long history of fruit growing, fertile soil, abundant rainfall and a wide diversity of plants to support beneficial insects that suppress pest problems.  The region is also located near several large population centers providing the opportunity for local fruit sales at farmer’s markets and other market outlets. Come to the conference to hear the following speakers.   Jim Travis who has experience as a university fruit specialist and is growing organic fruit on his own farm will discuss how to begin a new organic fruit planting or transition an existing planting.  He will discuss the best fruit varieties to successfully grow organic fruit.  He will also review organic practices that are effective in managing fruit insects and diseases for the beginner fruit grower.   Mike Hagan is a fruit grower from Maryland.  He grows a range of fruit crops to sell at his local farmer’s market.  Mike will discuss his experiences growing fruit including both his successes and mistakes.  He will also provide the steps he took recently to get USDA organic certification for his farm.   Ms. Katrina Hill of Oyler’s Organic Fruit Farms and Market will provide her experiences in marketing several organic fruit crops through multiple market outlets.  She will also discuss how she was able to receive two organic marketing grants.   Art Metzger is an organic fruit grower from northern PA who will wrap up the organic fruit growing session.  Art will discuss the unique challenges of growing fruit in the northern part of the state and provide a discussion of his experience selling his fruit at local markets.  There will be an opportunity for questions and answers at the end of the session.   A special 2-hour sessions will feature Steve Groff, a local farmer and cover crop specialist who will discuss the best cover crop options in fruit plantings.  He will utilize his many years of experience in researching and planting cover crops on farms to provide fruit farmers with the best cover crop options.   The final fruit session of the conference will feature Dr. Greg Krawcyzk, fruit entomologist from Penn State University will present an in-depth discussion of pest insect problems that occur on fruit crops in PA and the Mid-Atlantic region.  He will also outline organic insect control materials and their best use to limit damage on fruit crops.  

Beneficial insects that can be managed to suppress pest insects will be reviewed with specific examples. The intent of this conference is to annually support Northeast and Mid-Atlantic organic farms with information and discussion on the best available organic farming practices. The conference is a collaboration of private, public and government agencies: PA Dept. of Agriculture, Rodale Institute, PA Certified Organic (PCO), Organic Valley Dairy, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), USDA Certified organic farmers, Consumer Advocacy Groups and PA Farm Link.   Growing Pennsylvania’s Organic Farms is held on December 13 - 14, 2016 and you can register online  or by phone by contacting Michele Brookins at 717-787-5319 or to register email.  A Student receives $50 off the registration, and they must show student ID when they sign in at the conference.  Lodging is at the Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey Hotel, 4650 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111, To register lodging by phone, 717-564-5511 or online  GPOF has a new facebook page,    The website is :

Posted 11/10/2016 12:59pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

Due to the challenging growing year, we are currently sold out of apples for fall 2016.  We should be pressing fresh apple cider through Thanksgiving. 

Posted 7/11/2016 10:23am by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

Our 4th Annual Summer Harvest Dinner is quickly approaching!  On Saturday, August 20 @ 5pm, we will be offering a buffet style meal featuring local and organic products from our farm.  Reserve your seat today by signing up online or calling our market at 717-677-8411.

Posted 3/8/2016 4:02pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

Our last Savory Soup Saturday is this Saturday, March 12 9am-4pm!  We will be featuring Chicken Corn Soup and Garden Harvest Vegetable Soup.  Soup is available in pint and quart jars. 

Posted 6/20/2015 9:26am by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

Our freezer in our farm market is fully stocked with our grass fed grass finished beef raised on our certified organic pastures!  Come visit us soon before we sell out of different cuts!  Our steaks and burger patties are perfect for your upcoming 4th of July celebrations!  We also recently had our 1st flock of our pastured broiler meat chickens of the season butchered.  

Posted 3/27/2015 9:03am by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

Our next cooking class is Saturday, April 11 at our farm!  Artisan and Sourdough Bread Making will be taught by Maureen Diaz 10am-3pm. Learn to work with fresh, whole grain flours to make a variety of fully fermented artisanal breads. Make a sourdough starter, a levain, and a sponge and work them into baguettes, free-form loaves, sweet breads, pizza dough and more. Pick up a few tricks to create a perfect crust and delectable crumb! A really fun, and tasty hands-on workshop.

Posted 2/5/2015 12:46pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

Our farm market will be stocked with our own pork beginning Saturday, February 7!


-Pigs were raised outside

-All pork products are no-nitrate/nitrite

-No MSG added

-All pork products are frozen and vacuum sealed
-No antibiotics or growth hormones were given to the pigs
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