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Pictures of Saturday's Calf & Bull

Posted 7/14/2011 12:09pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

calf     walnut

Early in the morning is the best time to locate the calves.  This morning I had the camera and easily found the bull calf that was born on Saturday.  He was eating breakfast along with many of the other calves.  There is another cow which is pretty close to having a calf so hopefully we'll have more pictures to post soon.

When we went to move Walnut (upper right photo) to new grass this morning, he was missing.  Have you ever felt like someone is watching you?  That was us this morning!  We found him a short while later and successfully got him back where he was supposed to be. 

We are hoping to have a few peaches for sale soon, so keep an eye out!  We hope you are enjoying this breezy, cool day.

The Oylers