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Posted 8/23/2011 2:20pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

Did you feel the earthquake tremors?  We did in Adams County!  We never thought we would have that experience right on our farm!

The Oylers

Posted 8/16/2011 4:28pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.


Any good cattle farmer will tell you that it is very important to watch your animals.  Not just glance at them, but really take a good look.  Are they hungry?  Are they acting differently?  Is the bull following a cow around?  Is the cow "bagged up"...meaning she will calve soon?

This morning when we went to move the cattle to a new section of grass, we noticed that one of the cows was thin.  Her back end was wet, but did not have the afterbirth hanging out of her as a cow generally does just after calving.  After thinking for a moment, we decided that something exciting must have happened.  We looked around in the pasture and located the afterbirth.  Once we found it, we immediately began the hunt for the new baby who was associated with the afterbirth.  Not too far away in some taller grass, we found the little one curled up in a ball, resting.  As you can tell from his wet umbilical cord in the picture, it isn't too old.  Can you tell it is still figuring out how to walk?  We did some investigating and determined that it is a bull calf aka IT'S A BOY!  We are very thankful for another healthy calf and that the mother did not need any assistance in calving!

Posted 7/30/2011 11:17am by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

Organic Peaches

Are you as hungry as I am for peaches?!  We just spot picked our next peach variety.  Spot picking means we go through the orchard and only pick the ripe ones.  We sent an email on July 16th to folks on our email list to let them know we had ripe peaches. 

Since the peach trees are young and we haven't had much rain, the peach trees aren't bearing a lot of fruit yet.  Since there was such a response for the peaches, we have a waiting list.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list for peaches, please email us at 

We were very thankful to have received a little over 2 inches of rain last Monday!  We are very thankful for that rain because we have been so dry.  We could use some more!  We hope you have a cool weekend!

Sara & Family

Posted 7/22/2011 1:08pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

It's hot outside and we have hot news!  This fall we are teaming up with Gettysburg College to offer a CSA to their faculty, staff, students...and community members.  The folks at Gettysburg College are opening their campus up to community members who would like to pick up our apples on campus.  The deadline to sign up is August 25th.  CSA members can pick up their local, certified organic apple shares between 12 and 1pm every other Thursday throughout the fall for a total of 6 deliveries.

Did you know that Dad is a 1977 alumni of Gettysburg College?

For more information or an application, please contact us at or 717-677-8411.


Posted 7/14/2011 12:09pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

calf     walnut

Early in the morning is the best time to locate the calves.  This morning I had the camera and easily found the bull calf that was born on Saturday.  He was eating breakfast along with many of the other calves.  There is another cow which is pretty close to having a calf so hopefully we'll have more pictures to post soon.

When we went to move Walnut (upper right photo) to new grass this morning, he was missing.  Have you ever felt like someone is watching you?  That was us this morning!  We found him a short while later and successfully got him back where he was supposed to be. 

We are hoping to have a few peaches for sale soon, so keep an eye out!  We hope you are enjoying this breezy, cool day.

The Oylers

Posted 7/11/2011 4:20pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.


When Katrina and I were moving the cows, heifers, and calves to new grass on Saturday morning, I knew something exciting had recently happened.  Just by looking at Helen's rear end, I could tell that she had recently had a calf.  Not far away, we located the little guy.  I went for the camera and was disappointed when I realized it was wet and wasn't working.  I went out with the other camera this morning, but could not find him.  Calves are excellent at playing hide and seek. So for now, you can try to obtain some refreshment by looking at some of the older babies cool off by the water tanks. I frequently consider dunking myself in their water tanks to cool off!

The apples and peaches are still growing, but we are in need of a nice soaking rain.  We want to remind you of the following Apple CSA application deadlines:

Wilson College:  July 15th

Dickinson College:  July 30th

Maryland CSA close to Manchester:  July 1st (however we are still accepting applications for a short while)

Spiral Path Farm:  early bird deadline was June 1st, they are still accepting applications at the regular rate

We are in the process of working with CenturyLink to iron out some phone line problems.  Please email us if you have any questions about the CSAs.

Sara & Family

Posted 6/27/2011 8:55am by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.

1st calf     2nd calf

Here are the pictures, as promised!  Both of the calves are bull calves and were born on Saturday, June 25th.  The upper left one was born first.  It must have been nursing time when we moved the cows to fresh grass this morning, because we saw 6 of the calves nursing.  After nursing, the calves were quite spunky and were running around all over the place! 

Below are the "Three Musketeers" who were born the beginning of April.  If anyone is looking for a kitten, let us know.  Can you believe that July is almost here?


The Oylers

Posted 6/25/2011 11:22am by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.


When we went out to move the cows to new grass and give them fresh water this morning, we found a new calf!  He wasn't born too long before.  His mom had him almost licked clean, but he was still a little wet from being born. We noticed that the hind end of another cow signaled she was going to calve soon.  When we went to check on her just a few minutes ago, she was licking off her new calf!  It is also a boy.  Two healthy calves in one day!  We will have pictures of them posted by Monday.

The peach picture doesn't go along with the calves, however we wanted to show you how the peaches are doing.  We are still thinning peaches.  We get hungry when thinning and can't wait for them to ripen! 

Have a good weekend!

The Oylers

Posted 6/17/2011 2:05pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.


We have another calf!  It's a boy and he is just minutes old in this picture.  His mother wouldn't let us get too close to see him be born, however we were there to see her water break and see his feet poking out before he was born.  Isn't new life exciting!

The Oylers

Posted 6/13/2011 12:18pm by Bill Oyler, Mary Ann Oyler, Sara Baldwin, Jacob Oyler, Katrina Oyler.


I spy with my little eye two small brown objects.  Do you see them?  There's not one but TWO calves in this picture!  Caroline has a sibling!  Calves can be quite elusive when they are newborns.  Their mother was not happy about us being close to her babies, so we gave her some distance.  We aren't sure yet if Caroline has a twin brother or sister.  Isn't this exciting!

The Oylers

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