Pastured Beef


In May 2010, we purchased beef cattle and incorporated livestock into our farm.  We try to have frozen beef for sale by the piece in our farm market year round, but there are periods when we are sold out.  

Our cattle eat grass all year from our pastures which are certified organic.  We did not complete paperwork to have our meat be certified organic; however we do not give growth hormones or prophylactic antibiotics to our animals.  They develop beautiful thick wooly coats in the winter and eat baleage (nutritious fermented grass that was baled in the spring, summer, and early fall).  They receive the occasional organic apple as a treat, and they are never fed grain.

During the spring, summer, and early fall when there is lush green grass available, we move our animals frequently to new pastures.  This practice is labor intensive, but provides our cattle with a fresh area of grass and allows the other paddocks to rejuvenate.  We have a bull and cows which means we do not buy in calves.  We have control over our steers and can maintain high quality meat for you to consume.

We have Rotokawa Devon and Red Angus genetics on our farm.  The Rotokawa genetics are from an estate in New Zealand.


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