Pastured Chicken, Eggs, and Turkeys

Pastured Chicken

In the spring of 2014 we added broiler chickens to our farm.  We received them as day old chicks from Moyer's in Quakertown, PA.  They began their life in a cozy, warm brooder which protected them from predators or drafty weather.  They were then allowed to explore the outdoors still having access to the brooder for awhile before being moved out to our certified organic pastures.  

The system we are currently using is moving them twice a day to new grass.  Their wings were not clipped, nor were they de-beaked.  They breathe fresh air and are able to move around and peck at a fresh bed of organic grasses (and bugs!).  They are fed a soy-free, certified organic feed free of antibiotics and GMOs.  We are excited to have raised chickens for meat in this manner!  

We have whole birds available as well as pieces such as breasts, drumsticks, necks/backs, thighs, wings, gizzards, heart, liver, and feet available for purchase at our farm market.  



Pastured Chicken on Certified Organic Pasture


Pastured Eggs

We purchased our chickens as day old chicks from Moyer's in Pennsylvania.  The chickens are fed certified organic feed.  The feed is non-GMO, non-antibiotic, and non-soy.  The eggs are brown and are extra fresh.  The chickens are outside and have access to go inside to get out of the weather or lay eggs whenever they so desire.  During the growing season and mild winter weather we move them every few days to new grass so they have a fresh plate of food to peck through!  They still have their beaks and their claws.  Their eggs are certified organic. 



Pastured Turkeys

2014 was our first year raising broad breasted white turkeys!  We move them to fresh pasture every day and fed them certified organic soy free fed.  Don't delay, reserve your 2019 Thanksgiving turkey today!