Products Available At our Farm Market




Our Farm Market is open year round!  Come check out the local, certified organic, and non GMO products we have to offer...



-Raw milk cheeses, yogurt, and pudding from Keswick Creamery in Newburg, PA

-Certified organic raw milk from the Family Cow in Chambersburg, PA

-Certified organic pasteurized milk, butter, heavy cream, half & half, and ice cream from Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg PA



-Our grass-finished beef   (never fed grain, no hormones given)

-Our pastured chicken raised on our certified organic pastures and fed certified organic feed

-Our pastured pork raised on our certified organic pastures and fed certified organic feed.

-Our pastured turkey available for Thanksgiving pre-orders.

-Pastured Stew chickens-only at available at certain time of the year

-Soy Free Pastured eggs from our certified organic hens, fed certified organic soy free fed-during the winter months, we usually experience a shortage of eggs

-Pastured rabbits fed certified organic feed.

-Grass fed grass finished beef sticks, jerky, & beef sausage from Baldwin Family Farms.



 -Wild for Salmon-Alaskan sockeye salmon from local fishermen in Bloomsburg, PA.

-Wild caught white fish-sole, cod, rockfish, halibut, scallops from Wild for Salmon



-Our certified organic apples

-Our certified organic peaches

-Certified organic small berries from Everblossom Farm in East Berlin, PA.



-Our certified organic vegetables (during the growing season) (green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, peppers, lima beans, herbs, spring onions, winter squash, sweet corn, tomatoes, and pumpkins).

-Certified organic fresh vegetables from a variety of local farms.

-Organically grown spinach and salad mix from local Wil-Ar Farms, Newville PA.

-Certified organic potatoes from Stolfus Farms in Lancaster County


Granola, Nuts, and Snacks-Tierra Farm

-A variety of certified organic nuts, granola, nut butters, and trail mixes made without refined sugar.   Visit their website here.




-Certified organic local white, whole wheat, bread, and pastry flour from Daisy Flour

-Certified organic local whole spelt flour, white spelt flour, spelt kernels, and emmer kernels from Small Valley Milling.

-Organic Sprouted Flour from Shiloh Farms



Dried Goods

-A variety of organic dried goods(pretzels, dried kidney beans, raisins, sunflower seeds, cornstarch) from Shiloh Farms

-Certified organic maple syrup and granulated maple sugar from Brookfield Maple Products in Westfield, PA

-Raw 'Holistic Honey' from The Family Cow in Chambersburg, PA

-Flour City Pasta-local and organic artisanal pasta made in New York

-Furnace Hills Coffee roasted in Westminster, MD

-Our apple butter, apple pie fill, dessert topping, and applesauce made with our organic apples

-Organic puffed corn, spelt, rolled oats, and granola bars from Stutzman Farm in Ohio


Wildy Organic-Wilderness Family Naturals

*Products are all certified organic and many follow the teachings of the Weston A. Price Foundation.  For more information, visit their website here.

-Soaked and dehydrated nuts-walnuts, pecans, cashews, almonds, trail mix

-Coconut oil

-Cacao nibs

-Olive Oil

-Muscovado Sugar

-Salad Dressing


-Pumpkin Seeds




We have fresh bread the second and fourth Saturday of every month baked by Talking Breads.  We also keep it frozen for purchase.  Check them out here!


Various books relating to food and health