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2021 Apple2021 Apple2021 Peach BlossomsOur curious turkeys Sept 2015Our GoldRush Oct 2015Summer Harvest DinnerCheck out our food preservation classes!Our First Organic Peaches of 2013!Our cattle shared their pasture with a bird's nest!Peach season 2013 is getting closer!Apple blossom with ladybug 2013Apple blossom during spring rain 2013CloverApple crumb pies made with our pie fillPeach Blossoms 2013Young Peach 2013Plowing 2013cooking photoHappy Grazing SteersHappy Chickens!Our Pastured ChickensLooking for yummy bugsOne of our chickensfarm market progress...opening in September!Extra fresh brown eggs from our chickensHappy Cows Grazing May 2012New Heifer Calf April 2012New Bull Calf April 2012Row of Organic Apple Trees in BloomApple Blossoms April 13, 2012Honeybee Pollinating Apple BlossomCurious Peepie March 27, 2012Ida Red Flower Bud Showing Pink March 26, 2012I'm on top of the world!Warm and cozy under the heat lampsChicks less than 24 hours old!Pretty pink peach blossoms opening March 15, 2012Peach blossom March 15, 2012Fuzzy flower bud opening...soon it will be several blossoms!Zestar apple flower buds March 15, 2012Furry Calf Nutmeg with kelp on her noseMmm I love baleage!  Farm Market & OfficeMmm cooking apples for applesauce!Farm Market & Office ProgressPacking Building ProgressMmm Golden Supreme! Sept 3, 2011Baby Irene Born August 28th at the end of Hurricane IreneWindrows of forage waiting to be baled into baleage for the winter.Curious calves investigating a groundhog holeNew Calf August 16, 2011Mmmm Our Organic Peaches!Thank God for the rain!Our Organic PeachesUnfortunately Japanese Beetles Like Peaches TooMmm how tasty! Ripe PeachesWalnutCalf Nursing July 2011Calves Staying Cool July 2011Bull Calf & Mom June 25th, 2011Cattle Grazing on the Hill June 2011Bull Calf & Mom June 25th, 2011Three MusketeersYoung Peach June 2011Minutes Old CalfTwins! It's A Girl!  6/12/11 Her name is CarolineOne of the girls browsing through their new paddock June 2011Mowing to make baleage 6/2/11Growing Ida Red Apple May 28, 2011Growing Golden Supreme Apple May 28, 2011'Reeces' 17 month old Devon Bull'Petey' 17 month old Devon BullOur Farm May 2011Robin's Nest on Fence PostRobin BabyGettysburg North-South Marathon May 1, 2011Lily and Nacho in May (born January 2011)Patrick in May (born March 2011)Happy Mother's DayMay 2011Peach Blossom April 2011Peach Blossoms!Opening Ida Red BlossomWe love ladybugs!Another ladybug! Yeah!York Flower Bud Opening UpPink Stage of Growth on Ida RedPruning It's a Boy!  March 18, 2011'Lily' basking in the sunJacob talking to expectant cow'Sweet Pea' likes to give kissesFeb 22, 2011 SnowSunrise Feb 12th, 2011Bull CalfHeifer CalfPresenting at Vida Charter School'Sweet Pea' Heifer5 day old bull calfCalf NursingOur Orchard After A Snow Shower Jan '11Cow vs. Bull...She thinks she's hot stuffCow, Calf, and Nutmeg3 Cows with 3 Calves Jan '11Cow does not like Nutmeg approaching her calf2 Day Old Calf Jan '11Another Calf Expected SoonNew Calf January '11New Calf January '11Nutmeg Jan '11-Calf from Late SeptemberMerry Christmas!Heifer Calf Playing in HayHeifer Calf Playing in HayBuilding FenceApplying Beneficial Microbes to the SoilDeer Damage to Baby Peach TreeDeer Damage to Baby Peach TreeThe Depot...where we'll be on Wed, Nov 10th from 3 pm to 7 pmYork apples in the binOur York Apples on a Pretty October DayYork 10/11/10Braeburn 10/11/10Braeburn 10/11/10Sara at the farmer's marketOur Red DeliciousCarlisle Farmer's MarketOur Farm During the Rain 09/30/10New CalfNew CalfFresh Apple CiderGolden Delicious in the Bin 2010Red Delicious In the BinRed Delicious 9/16/10Golden Delicious 9/10/10York 9/10/10Ida Red 9/10/10One of Our OrchardsCattle Grazing on a Cool September EveningGolden Supreme Apples 2010Curly-Q Eating BaleageMmmm!  Apples!  Yum!Golden Supreme 2010Ripe Golden Supreme August, 2010Clouds After The RainClouds After The RainJacob & Liz OylerSpraying Apple TreesUnexpected SurpriseOur New BullPutting Rye in the Gravity WagonCombining RyeIda Red 07-01-10My Favorite Momma CowSleepy Head BullGolden Supreme 06-25-10BaleageSansa 06-25-10Dry Hay For Sale 2010Making Dry Hay 2010Our Farm Cat Had KittensOne of Our Calves 2010Pretty May 2010 SunriseCalf Nursing May 2010Cow Eating Grass 2010Our Cattle 2010Building FenceApple Cluster 05-10-10Windbreak PlantingBill and Jerry pounding in stake for tree shelterPlanting New Trees April, 2010Measuring for Planting Baby TreesPutting Up Mating DisruptionCM/OFM Twin TubeBumblebees April 9, 2010Limb of Apple Blossoms 2010April 9, 2010 Apple BlossomApril 8, 2010 RainbowOur Apple TreesOur Farm Spring 2010Our Ida Red Our York ApplesMarch  31, 2010-Apple Flower BudFebruary 2010 Snow StormBill OylerGolden Delicious 2009Making Dry Hay 2009Golden Delicious 2009Apple Blossoms 2009Our FarmApple Blossom 2009