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Our classes and events are held at our farm located at 400 Pleasant Valley Road, Biglerville PA 17307.  We have a spacious commercial kitchen attached to our farm market where the classes are held.  Pre-registration is required for all of our classes. 

We offer the options for participants to pay online or mail a check.



Meet our 2019 Instructors!



Shana and Joe Amsterdam-Talking Breads

Shana and Joe, husband/wife team, are the experienced owners of Talking Breads.  Talking Breads is located on their 45 acre farm in Shermansdale, PA. They use all organic flours which are milled with their Austrian stone flour mill on a weekly basis to ensure the flour is as fresh and nutritious as possible.  Most breads are leavaned with their sourdough starter, which is called the mother, that Shana have been feeding for 10 yrs. All bread, including the French and Italian varieties, go through a slow, cold fermentation process that makes the breads easier to digest, without the sour flavor. From start to finish is a two day process!  Shana and Joe have 10 plus years of experience with bread baking and are a wealth of knowledge! 


Melanie Dietrich Cochran-Keswick Creamery

Keswick Creamery is located on Melanie’s family's dairy farm near Newburg, PA. They have had registered Jersey cows since 1974 and started farming here in 1978. Their cows are raised in a humane and healthy way. They are not confined to a barn, instead they are allowed to graze freely on lush pastures. Melanie has been making raw milk cheeses since 2001 and is a wealth of knowledge! They use only fresh milk, live cultures, and calf rennet. Their  ricotta, quark, pudding and frischkase are made without rennet


Mary Ann Oyler-Oyler's Organic Farms

Mary Ann Oyler, owner of Oyler's Organic Farms, has a wealth of knowledge in home preservation.  Mary Ann has a home economic degree from IUP.  Mary Ann enjoys sharing her passion for teaching others how to preserve organic produce.  




Liz Dodson-The Kombucha Lady

Liz Dodson has been brewing kombucha for years and has a huge passion to share the wonderful world of fermenting with you!  She has personally noticed less allergies, more energy, less joint pain, less sickness, and a happier gut.  She never pasteurizes any of her kombuchas!  Liz lives in Frederick, Maryland and sells her kombucha at local grocery stores in Maryland. 


Rachel Armistead-The Sweet Farm

Rachel Armistead is co-owner of The Sweet Farm, a Frederick-based fermented foods company that sells a variety of naturally fermented, probiotic krauts, pickles, mustard and ginger beer. She also loves teaching people how to make fermented veggies and sodas at home for themselves. Through product sales and workshops, Rachel hopes to once again make fermentation part of our common food culture.


Brandie Stonge-Hummingbee Studio
Brandie Stonge ( is a local artist and educator whose bright, whimsical style appeals to all ages. With innovative blends of fabric, paint, ink, and thread, her collection features hand-crafted home goods, fine art, and one-of-a-kind art dolls. 
Through her home studio she offers childrens’ art lessons and camps. With over ten years of teaching experience, it remains her delight to see every person blossom in their inherent creativity.
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