Intro to Small-Scale Hard Cider-Making Saturday, November 10 9am-4pm

Back to Class & Event Registration Intro to Small-Scale Hard Cider-Making  Saturday, November 10 9am-4pm

Instructor: Adam Redding, Good Intent Cider  


Are you interested in learning the art of home cider brewing?  Do you currently brew hard cider, but have questions on the fermentation process?  Come join Adam Redding, owner of Good Intent Cider, for a day packed full of hard cider making!   

Hard cider is currently undergoing a revival in the United States. Participants in this class will learn proper fruit selection for juice, equipment selection for home production, fermentation basics, juice/cider chemistry, and methods for preserving the final product. This will take place while preparing a gallon of juice to take home and ferment. Cider tasting and fault detection will also be briefly discussed.  

The registration fee includes 1-gal glass jug, stopper+airlock, yeast, pectinase & yeast nutrient, & bentonite for clarification to get you start brewing your cider at home!  A local, organic lunch will also be provided during the 1 hour lunch break including your choice of chili or vegetable soup with a side and dessert.


Producer: Oyler's Organic Farms
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