Secrets of Sourdough Saturday, May 5 9am-3pm

Back to Class & Event Registration Secrets of Sourdough Saturday, May 5 9am-3pm

Instructor: Marc Jalbert, Bakewell Farm 


This introductory class will demystify the process and methods for making sourdough bread at home. Learn to mix and develop vibrant dough and bake into a nutritious loaf for you and your family. Topics in the class (lunch included) includes: maintaining a healthy sourdough leaven, the health benefits, mixing by hand, how to identify and manipulate ambient conditions for successful fermentation, engaging all of your senses and gain confidence throughout all the steps in bread making. Why sourdough? The long fermentation time of sourdough makes wheat more digestible and in the process unlocks beneficial vitamins and minerals (the production of phytase plays a major role in making the nutrient value of sourdough bread superior to yeasted, quick-risen bread).

A local, organic lunch will also be provided during the lunch break including your choice of chili or vegetable soup with a side and dessert.




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Producer: Oyler's Organic Farms
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