Seed Starting Workshop-Child Saturday, March 17 10am-12pm

Back to Class & Event Registration Seed Starting Workshop-Child Saturday, March 17 10am-12pm

Instructor: Elaine Lemmon, Everblossom Farm 

Ages 4 and up

This is a hands-on experience, so plan to get your hands dirty as we show you how to properly seed your own transplants.  You’ll also learn how to successfully prepare your tender transplants for the challenges of outdoor living.  Other topics will include choosing the right soil for potting your seeds, quality seed sources, supplies to consider for getting your transplants out early, and protecting young plants from hungry pests and the unpredictable spring weather.  There will be plenty of time to discuss your particular struggles with transplants and ways you can specifically troubleshoot your propagation set-up.  Each adult will go home with 72 planted seeds. Want to engage your young gardener in growing plants?  Don’t want the mess at your house?  Bring them along with you!  Each child will seed his/her own flat of 72 plants as well.  (Child must be accompanied by a paying adult).


*Please note, there is a different price for adult and children participants, two separate buttons on our online registration.  

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Producer: Oyler's Organic Farms
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