Easter Flowers Fundraiser

Easter Flowers Fundraiser

Oyler's Organic Farms & Market will be the pick up location for a fundraiser to help Musselman's Greenhouses, a local Adams County business, sell some of their Easter flowers.  Many of their orders have been cancelled due to COVID-19.  This fundraiser will benefit St. Francis Xavier Catholic School in Gettysburg, PA.  

Please pay with credit card when checking out online, so pick up can be contactless.  

Orders will be outside on the porch for you to pick up at Oyler's Organic Farms & Market.  Orders will NOT be organized by person, they will be organized by type of flower, so PLEASE remember what you order.  Orders may be picked up anytime between 10am and 6pm on Wednesday, April 8th.  Orders are due by Sunday, April 5th at 4pm.

Thank you for your support of this local business and local school!

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