2020 Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey Deposit 2020


Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

We are raising our Thanksgiving Turkeys for your 2020 Thanksgiving meal.  The turkeys are moved daily to new pasture on our certified organic land. The breed is Broad Breasted White.  The turkeys are fed certified organic soy free feed.  We will also have turkey pieces available.  Please email info@oylersorganicfarms.com if you would like to order turkey breast, thigh, drumsticks, or wings for pick up in November.

Our organically raised turkeys are $5.49/lb.  You will place a $35 deposit to reserve your turkey in the desired weight range.  The $35 will be subtracted off your final amount you owe.  We offer turkeys in the 10lb-15lb, 15lb-20lb, and 20lb-25lb range.  

The turkeys will be fresh at pick up.  Turkey pick up will occur on the following dates.  You do not need to indicate which day you will come.  Any day is fine.   

Sunday, November 22th 12pm-4pm

Tuesday, November 24th 10am-5pm

Wednesday, November 25th 10am-5pm  


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